"Animals have played a pivotal role in my upbringing; I want to enrich their lives the way they’ve enriched mine."

I aim to apply my education and experience towards positively influencing the lives of others. Giving back to the community that has helped me come this far will be the most rewarding and inspiring thing for me; Furna is a start, a way of life and a pathway to fulfill exactly that.

  • Founder & Chief Guardian, FURNA

    Hailing from a family of seasoned entrepreneurs, Savar Kapur is a young man who has found passion in bridging the gaps and building a community for pet parents.

    “I’ve always had trouble finding quality products for my dogs 'Ramy' & 'Colt'. International pet luxe brands like Mutts & Hounds, Cloud 7, Fetch and Follow, Ralph Lauren and more are still very much inaccessible in India. “I think ‘Heads up for Tails’  and ‘Zigly’ have made it easier to be a pet parent simply because it’s so accessible, and I really value that. Furna, is a step further in the same direction. We aim to make premium and luxury pet products easily accessible our community” says Kapur.

    Being around fur buddies since early childhood, today Savar is a proud pet parent to not only 2 dogs but also horses, goats and chickens. This Finance major from Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Bloomington (2017-2021) strives to bring in a change to the pet world.

  • Why Furna

  • Remember the simple times of pet parenting? No online stores and complicated accessories; just seamlessly taking care of your pet? Furna strives to take the guesswork out of today’s pet market.


  • We cater to your pets and, more importantly, nurture the relationship you have with them. Born out of India in 2022, Furna is a premium pet lifestyle company that aims to fill frustrating gaps in the current market. How many times, as a pet parent, have you struggled with undistinguished accessories and brittle grooming products? Furna is the change you need, and we want to help you realize the true potential of your relationship with your furry companion to enjoy moments that matter. Invest in your pet’s health, contentment and quality of life with our premiere collection of pet essentials. We craft our products with durable materials like velvet, suede and genuine leather with a small twist through fine and elegant details.

  • We tackle issues within the pet industry with our ‘product first, price second’ approach. Extensive research and product development enables us to eliminate impractical and unsustainable materials and deliver those of exceptional quality; an effortless journey to the products you need, complemented by distinguished design. Our mission is to achieve mutual wellbeing for you, your pet and those positively influenced by this loving relationship- the core of everything we do. So come and be a part of our community. It takes a village to raise a pet. 

  • Ramy

    Mature, Calm, Inviting

  • Colt

    Youthful, Affectionate, Protective